UPLIFT Screenprinted Poster

UPLIFT Screenprinted Poster

By Aisha Elbgal

As a proud Yemeni-American young woman, our Girls Garage participant Aisha Elbgal wants to see more of herself in popular imagery. She created this poster to communicate the beauty, positivity, and hope embodied in her Muslim-feminist identity, and to invite other women of color to come together to UPLIFT the future.


Materials: Paper, gradient screenprint ink, signed by the artist
Size: 14" x 18"
Created: 2020

About the artist:

Aisha Elbgal, a high school student from Oakland, first joined our Protest + Print class 2 years ago and made a fierce poster in response to the pressures of female body image. Then, Aisha grabbed her toolbelt as part of our 2019 Young Women's Design and Building Institute and built a sandbox for a local preschool. She was on a serious mission to discover a new passion and connect her Yemeni-American identity to her creative practice. Aisha's creativity and craftsmanship inspire us, and she reminds us to take the time to reflect on how our journey helps us step into our own power. ⁣