Fearless Builder Knit Blanket

Fearless Builder Knit Blanket

By Girls Garage and Firebelly Design

Just in time for a snuggly winter season, wrap yourself in the fearless builder spirit! This custom knit cotton blanket was designed in collaboration with friends at Firebelly Design (thanks, Tom Tian!) with an array of our favorite tools: saws, hand tools, hardware, and a drill! Blanket is two-sided with inverse colors, custom-stitched by Binghamton Knitting Company, and will make a great throw for your sofa or lounge chair.


Materials: Knit cotton blanket
Size: 58" x 58"
Created: 2020

About the artist:

Firebelly Design is our partner-in-branding and is responsible for helping craft the Girls Garage brand story, custom typeface, and color story. A socially conscious boutique design studio based in Chicago, Firebelly specializes in branding, strategy and Good Design for Good Reason. More info: firebellydesign.com