• Image of Womanifesto Screenprinted Poster
  • Image of Womanifesto Screenprinted Poster
  • Image of Womanifesto Screenprinted Poster

This spring, 7 girls from our Pop-Up Shop entrepreneurship class came together to write a 2018 Womanifesto for Girls Garage. Each girl first wrote their own manifesto, and then we combined one phrase or line from each into a powerful collective message. The posters are authored, hand-written/lettered, screenprinted, and signed by these fierce young women! And, as this is our Pop-Up Shop class, girls will equally share the net profits from all poster sales.

Limited edition of 50 (signed and numbered), 16x20" Fabriano Tiziano paper, unframed. Please note that due to the handmade nature of the pieces, there may be individual differences in each printing.

** A note on COLOR CHOICE: We printed 14 different colors, and we hope you'll be excited to receive whichever surprise color we send to you! Spoiler alert: they're all amazing.

** A note on SHIPPING: All posters will be shipped on either May 17th or May 24th (girls will be packaging and hand-addressing them during our scheduled meeting times). Thanks for your patience in receiving them!

(Wo)manifesto authors: Sofia, Lucy, Jaden, Damiana, Plum, Sophia, Maya M., Emily, and Maya V.

Text: "We are humans, sisters, seekers, unstoppable fierce women, empresses of the world! We know how to stand up, show up, take our freedom and fight for it. We support each other because we know that we are amazing! We can build anything and create fire."

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