• Image of Protest + Print

By: 13 girls and 2 Instructors from the Protest + Print class, Winter 2020

16x20, rainbow-roll screenprint, unframed, edition of 8

Proceeds go directly to the material costs for the Protest + Print program (screenprinting ink, paper, screen exposure, etc) for the Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 sessions.

Artist(s) Statement:
A flag is a statement, a claiming of ground, a symbol of togetherness, and a forging forward. A rainbow represents all of us, all colors, abilities, races, ages. Our take on the rainbow flag is our chosen symbol of our biggest, boldest, most beautiful vision for girls and women in 2020.

About Protest + Print at Girls Garage:
Protest + Print is a no-cost after-school class for 9th-12th grade girls. The program challenges girls to consider and respond to the personal and social issues that feel pressing in our lives: intersectional identity, consent, body image, mental health, underrepresentation, self-care, and more. The resulting print-based work uses screen-printing, hand-drawing, wheat- pasting, and other large-scale graphic techniques to bring individual and collective voices to the forefront.

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Note: Individual prints may have slight color variations, imperfections, or differences from what is pictured. As with all printmaking, we believe it’s this uniqueness that makes the work so powerful!