Badass Cross Stitch - Hammers

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Badass Cross Stitch - Hammers

By Shannon Downey

Earlier this year, one of our friends and supporters posted about Girls Garage with the words: "I want to live in a future built by girls." The words convey our dream of a world in which girls and women have equal authorship over our built environment, systems, and lives. We turned these words over to our friend Shannon Downey, the well-known founder of Badass CrossStitch, who hand-stitched this piece with complementary images of tools. Shannon is known for her avant-garde statements in the traditional medium of cross-stitching and has been showcased as a leader of the "craftivism" movement.


Materials: Embroidered textile and wooden hoop
size: 7.5" diameter
Created: 2020

About the artist:

Shannon Downey is a queer, anti-racist, feminist, anti-capitalist, highly political, and committed to growth, learning, honesty, and doing whatever she can to make this an equitable world. Her art tackles white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism and she finds joy in using embroidery, a tool historically used for subjugation, as a tool of subversion. She says the most important thing to know about her is that she is all about coming up with and executing on big ideas at a moments notice. Downey travels around the U.S. in her R.V. continuing to live for community, equity, art, and adventure. More info: