• Image of Oh No, I Have Anxiety

By: Eliana Ives, 17, Oakland, CA

16x20, 2-color screenprint, unframed, edition of 10

All proceeds go directly to the artist

Artist statement:
I struggle with anxiety. Pip, my cat, was a rock for me. She helped me find coping mechanisms to ease my insecurities. This print represents the lessons I learned with her and my hopes for myself and those around me. It is my thank you and goodbye.

About this project:
13 high school girls from 7 East Bay cities make up the after-school Protest + Print class at Girls Garage. In January 2020, we came together to consider and answer the question: What is your biggest, boldest, most beautiful vision for girls and women in 2020? The resulting collection of screen printed posters represents our individual and collective voices: curious, hopeful, raging, compassionate, fierce, and fearless. From housing rights to access to menstrual products, from dyslexia to the meaning of our names, these prints tell our stories as one girl and as all girls. We combined the image of a flag (a statement, a banner, a stake in the ground) with our own hand-drawn artwork to express our visions. All posters were printed by hand, by us girls, in the Girls Garage space. We hope you will look, listen, feel, respond, and stand with us in 2020.

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Note: Individual prints may have slight variations, imperfections, or differences from what is pictured. As with all printmaking, we believe it’s this uniqueness that makes the work so powerful!