"Asian Everything" risograph print

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"Asian Everything" risograph print

Our founder, Emily Pilloton-Lam, made this two-color risograph print in response to the recent rise in anti-Asian violence and the tragic and infuriating murders of 8 people, including 6 Asian women, in the Atlanta area on March 16, 2021. The print exemplifies the call-to-action for Asian representation, justice, and power. The image features a backdrop of textured wings and bold statements set in the Carrie typeface from VocalType.

All proceeds from the sale of this print will be donated to AAPI Women Lead, a nonprofit that aims to strengthen the progressive political and social platforms of Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the US through the leadership of self-identified AAPI women and girls.

Print size is 8.5"x11" on cardstock paper, available in neon pink, neon yellow, and a warm tan. Price includes shipping in a rigid mailer, and all prints will be shipped the week of March 22.